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Google SketchUp

For all of you interested, here is a quick link .

What's New in Tech Class?

Gone are the days of Kodu and video game designing. Now, in the Club Chavez Tech Class, we are working on...


"What is this?" You may ask...Well, Google SketchUp is an ingenius program created by Google that allows you, as a computer designer, to create anything that your mind can think of in a 3D form. This means that, if you want to create a house you can do so on the computer but it will look like a 3D image. You can spin the image around and edit thousands of features.

This program is completely free and 100% fun. To search for it, go to Google and type in the search bar "Google SketchUp" then just explore! Watch the tutorial video for some extra help. Not only is this program fun and exciting because it allows you to intelligently create your own world, but it also allows you to flex your skills as a programmer/ computer designer.


Watsonville TEC

What Is Watsonville TEC

Watsonville Tecnología-Educación-Comunidad or Technology-Education-Community (TEC) bridges the “digital career divide” for Latino youth.

The goal of this project is to provide the instructional, recreational, academic, familial and social supports needed to encourage a predominantly Latino, largely Spanish-speaking, population of students to pursue higher education and careers in technology. 

TEC is based on our previous program for middle school girls called Girl Game Company (GGC). GGC was named one of 38 best practices in K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education programming by the Making Science Make Sense initiative. TEC expanded GGC into an IT career pathways program for girls and boys from grades 5-12. TEC is used in nine schools in the Pájaro Valley Unified School District’s (PVUSD) Extended Learning/ After School Program (ELP). The PVUSD ELP serves the predominantly Mexican-American, largely Spanish-speaking population in the agricultural community of Watsonville, CA.

The Girls and Boys Who Conquered MESA
The Girls and Boys Who Conquered MESA

What Does This Mean For CCMS

CCMS after school program (Club Chavez) is very lucky to have TEC working with us to offer our students a chance to explore the inner workings of computers. Through a program named Kodu that teaches kids, in very well explained terms, how to program our Club Chavez kids are creating their very own computer games!

Building their own landscapes, adding any and all obstacles that they may want, and even programming their own characters to do particular movements and actions according to particular commands, Club Chavez kids are learning what it means to be a game designer. This outstanding opportunity with TEC also offers an exciting competition for the young men and women who can create the most complex and beautiful Kodu world and game. The competition takes place at UCSC and involves the competing students receiving and completing a task (to build another game and world) while a crowd and judges look on.

So far the teachers of Club Chavez have been very impressed with the creativity and dedication of many of the students enrolled in this program. It truly is allowing many young women and men to know that computers and programming is cool while doing so in a fun and interactive environment.

A Look at MESA
A Look at MESA


And so it came to pass that the young men and women of Cesar Chavez Middle School reigned down upon the unexpecting competition known as MESA and knocked its socks off!!!!!!


Competing as a team, Luisa and Autumn took second place all around out of both the girls and boys who were also creating video games. Their game included a volcano god that tried to defeat you as you attempted to cross the massive pool of lava to WIN the game. The judges were heard saying that the game was both "complex and rivetting. A well thought out creation of storyline and adventure".

Emanuel entered into the competition as a lone shark. Sitting down at his computer he quietly surveyed the competition, taking in the students from E.A. Hall and Lakeview who had no idea as to what they were getting themselves into. As soon as the countdown to begin started to tick down (5...4...3...) Emanuel locked his focus onto his computer screen and started to create the intricate world of Kodu in his mind. 2...1... BEGIN! Controller in hand, the world spinning around in his mind rapidly began to take form on the screen before him. With ease and flawless gestures he masterfully created a game that included both a maze and an aspect of adventure. Well done, Emanuel, you won FIRST PLACE all around!!!!

Congratulations to our three students who placed and thank you so much to Adan Reyes and Andres Yanez who came with teh best attitude and supported their peers with just as much enthusiasm as they had for creating their own magnificent games.

I am so honored and proud to be your teacher. You guys are incredible!

~Miss Kaiti~