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Our Custodial Staff

Meet the Men Who Keep Our School Beautiful

AT Cesar Chavez Middle School, we have two custodians, one for the day and one at night. 

Daily jobs include the following:

Waking up early every morning, turning off all the alarms on campus and then unlocking the doors to the classrooms and cafeteria allowing staff to converge upon this school.


Our evening custodian) takes over the responsibility of protecting and maintaining our school. Cleaning each classroom, office, and cafeteria late at night, Les and Gonzalo is the reason everything is so beautiful for us in the morning.  After cleaning each room, both Les and Gonzalo sets the alarms and locks each door so that the learning, work, and invaluable knowledge of that day can be safeguarded. Cleaning the outside grounds once more,  Les and Gonzalo returns home after hours of work and care, with the knowledge that in the morning his fellow staff, teachers, and the students will find this campus beautiful and welcoming: a perfect area for growing minds. 

If You See Them

If you see our custodians please say "Thank you" because they care so much about this school and about you. They deserve all of the thanks you can offer.

Pick Up YOUR Trash
Pick Up YOUR Trash