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Your Basketball Coach

Fidel Hernandez is also our 8th grade girls and boys basketball coach! He would like to remind you to come and support your fantastic team during home games and go cheer them on during away games! LET'S GO, WARRIORS!!!!

Something to Think about

Check out this website to learn what pollution does and how to produce less trash.

Our Custodial Staff

Meet the Men Who Keep Our School Beautiful

Fidel Hernandez has been working within the school district for 32 years, and here, at Cesar Chavez Middle School, we are very lucky to have him as our lead custodian. Scouring the rolling grounds of CCMS for remnants of trash that students have carelessly left behind and making repairs, Fidel keeps our school looking lush and fresh.

But this doesn't even begin to describe his daily jobs.

Waking up early every morning, Fidel, like a ninja superhero, disables all the alarms on campus and then unlocks the doors to the classrooms and cafeteria allowing his fellow staff, the teachers, and students to converge upon this school and begin learning unaware of the battle that was waged just minutes before.

Caring about not only the well being of our campus, but also the well being of our students, Fidel mingles during break and lunch time, offering friendly reminders like "care about your campus" and please pick up your trash, hoping that such reminders that will take root and be with our students for the rest of their lives teaching them to be conscious of their trash and the amount of waste they produce.

At the end of the day, when all the students and teachers, staff and administration have gone, Fidel returns to his office and prepares to leave after cleaning--one last time--this beautiful campus...and that is when the changing of the guards occurs.

Like a custodial Batman, Gonzalo Uribe (our evening custodian) takes over the responsibility of protecting and maintaining our school. Cleaning each classroom, office, and cafeteria late at night, Gonzalo is the reason everything is so beautiful for us in the morning.  After cleaning each room, Gonzalo sets the alarms and locks each door so that the learning, work, and invaluable knowledge of that day can be safeguarded. Cleaning the outside grounds once more, like Fidel did before him, Gonzalo returns home after hours of work and care, with the knowledge that in the morning Fidel, his fellow staff, teachers, and the students will find this campus beautiful and welcoming: a perfect area for growing minds. 

If You See Them

If you see Fidel or Gonzalo please say "Thank you" because they care so much about this school and about you. They deserve all of the thanks you can offer.

Pick Up YOUR Trash
Pick Up YOUR Trash