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Staff Directory

Main School Phone Number: (831) 761-7699     ~     Fax: (831) 728-6477

To access the 4-digit phone extensions listed below, dial (831) 786-2100, wait for the recorded greeting
to begin, then dial the extension.

Classroom Teachers School Office

Martin Domitrovic- Physical Education


Ben Benavidez – Principal
Thad Bishop – Physical Education
Jason Rooney –  Assistant Principal
Luci Basor – 6th Language Arts, Social Studies
Alma Flores – Office Manager
Jessica Castillo – Physical Education
Nancy Chavez – Attendance Specialist
Kathy Church – Physical Education
Judy Schwarze – Nurse

Christopher Alreck- Special Day Class


Anabel Martinez – Health Assistant

Patricia Sotarello - 8th Grade Art Teacher

Room 7

                                   Support Staff
  Angelica Flores – Counselor
Anne Guerrero – 7th Language Arts, Social Studies
room 5

Veronica Fernandez- SE Counselor


Emily Halbig – 6th Language Arts, Social Studies
Diana Munoz – Migrant Counselor
Rafael Ruiz – 8th Language Arts, Social Studies
Room 3
Liana Lee – PVPSA Counselor

Gerardo Morales - 6-8th ELD

Room 2

Anthony Rodriguez – PVPSA Counselor
Colleen Hilker – 7th Science
Room 11
Christopher Jaspers – Psychologist
Eladio Martín – 7th Language Arts, Social Studies
Room 4
Breck Buckman – 7th Language Arts, Social Studies
Room 6
Kathy Coatney – Speech Therapist
Tony Navarro – Special Day Class
Room P1-7
Ginger Riley – Visual Impairment Specialist
Nancy Peterson – 6th Science and Math
Room P2-2
Colleen D-LAST – Visual Impairment Specialist
Elizabeth Oneto – Resource Tutorial Room P1-6   
Graciela Lomeli – Library Media Technician
Michael Ricci – 8th Grade Math

Rebecca Mussetter - 7th Grade Math

Room P1-2

Karen Manriquez – English Learner Specialist
Alexandra Hennager – 8th Language Arts, Social Studies
 Mari Rocha – Extended Learning (After School) Coordinator

Jordan Sugerik – 6th Math/Science

Yanira Ramirez- After School Office Assistant


Rogelio Lopez – Resource Tutorial
Betty McClellan – Cafeteria Manager

William Prusinowski 8th SS, LA/ 7th SS

Room 2

Lena Edelmaier– Cafeteria Assistant
  Josie LAST – Cafeteria Assistant
Fidel Hernandez– Lead Custodian
Gonzalo Uribe – Evening Custodian