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This Day in History

If you would like to learn more about a specific day--or even today--in history, look at THIS page.

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Social Studies


History is the subject of stories, stories that humanity repeats, changes, retells, and maybe even makes up. When you attend a History class, think about all of the young boys and girls before you who have heard the same facts, read the same stories. Think of the history that they lived through, and think of the history that you are already living through. One day, in the future, a young girl or boy just like you will be sitting in a classroom listening to a History lesson that will talk about what you actually lived!

History is a magical subject and we at Cesar Chavez Middle School have teachers that bring history to life. Through projects, textbook readings, and other assignments we ask our students to enthusiastically explore the stories of people before them and realize that they, themselves, are already contributing to history.


More History

This website is brought to you by the Discovery Channel. Check out some very cool and well researched historical moments.

The Summer Debate

Over the many years that schools have existed there has always been a debate as to whether or not such a long vacation (3 months) for summer is actually needed.

Many teachers, parents, and even students believe that such a long vacation takes away from the education that they want to give/receive.

What do you think? If someone were to ask you if you would like your summer to be shorter so that you get get more education time, what would you say?