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Science News for Kids

What's going on in the SCIENCE world?

Read a few articles and discuss the stories with your friends.

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Ever Wonder How Something Works?

At Cesar Chavez Middle School we know that science can lead you to amazing answers...and even better questions!

Our teachers are passionate about teaching our students the many interesting aspects of science and the places you can go with it. Starting at the basic understanding of the scientific method and making their way to the creation of their very own experiments and projects, our students will be allowed to explore and wonder at all the different ways that one might be a scientist.

Please contact your science teacher if you have any questions or wish to know about a certain topic.

Remember! The area of science is all about can never be too curious here.


Science Games!

Want to play some awesome SCIENCE games? Check them out and then share your favorite games with your friends.

Summer Science

Why do you think playing in the sunshine makes us happy?

What is it about the mixture of sunshine and running around on grass with friends that makes us so happy?

Look up the main vitamin that is found in sunlight and what it does for the human body.

Now look up what happens to a person when they get a good amount of running around in.

It is easy to see why everyone is so happy during the summer, isn't it?