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You be the judge! Which do you like more? FunBrain!

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Noelle Boera Teacher
Douglas Heisinger Teacher
Rebecca Mussetter Teacher
Allison Ota Teacher
Michael Ricci Teacher
Jeffrey Stephanoff Teacher
Jordan Sugerik Teacher


Math...It's Actually REALLY Fun

What? Math can be fun...and not just "fun", but REALLY fun?

That is what the Math teachers of Cesar Chavez Middle School do: they make learning Math an interesting and even exciting part of the day. Making many different mathematical concepts understandable for our 6th-8th grade students, our teachers use various tools such as worksheets, coloring puzzles, basic problems, interactive stories, and many more to help teach their lessons.

Don't understand something? Do not hesitate to ask one of your teachers to explain it again and maybe in a different way.

What's life?

This One Might Be Cooler's pretty COOL =)

There is also THIS website, which can help you on your homework.


If there are only 13 school days left until summer...
And there are 24 hours in one day...
And 60 minutes in one hour...
and 60 seconds in one minute...
How many seconds until SUMMERTIME?!