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If you would like more information regarding the Club Chavez Garden Project, please contact Mr. Patrick Littleton at

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Our Favorite Books
Our Favorite Books

CCMS Garden Project

The Mission

The Cesar Chavez Garden Project is an afterschool garden based learning program, where students plant it, grow it, and eat it!

Our program focuses on experiential learning where students actively grow a diverse array of fruits and vegetables to cook and share meals together.  We are all about REAL food, none of that artificial stuff. By growing it ourselves, it’s more than just gardening; it’s about participating in the cycles of life that give us nourishment to gain a greater appreciation of the world around us.


The Garden

Established in 2009, our garden is a living laboratory that’s utilized to reinforce CA State Standards learned in the classroom, including science, math, history, and language arts while also providing an engaging environment to participate in the cycle of growing food.  The garden consists of a diverse array of fruits and vegetables. We focus on varieties of fruits and vegetables that are not only nutritious but historically and culturally significant, from heirloom beans, maize, quinoa, amaranth, and winter squash in the summer, to fava beans, wheat, kale, broccoli, and potatoes in the cooler months. We also have an extensive compost system in place to turn our school’s waste into a fertile resource for our garden.  Over the past few years, we’ve converted an abandoned area of our school into a lush, highly productive food forest!

The Garden
CCM Team

The Crew

Our garden club, iGrow , is a group of dedicated  and highly motivated 6-8thgrade students that meet weekly after school.  Students take an active role in planting, growing, cooking, and of course, eating the food they’ve cultivated.  They are also mentors to Starlight Elementary students that visit each week where iGrow students teach the skills they’ve learned to a younger aspiring student.


Cookin' It Up Club Chavez Style

We have cooking/ nutrition classes 7 times a week at Club Chavez, where students actively cook delicious meals based around whole-food ingredients. Everything from school-grown salsa to freshly made pasta, we cook meals that are quick and easy, but also loaded with all the good stuff too, like the vitamins and minerals that growing bodies need!To ensure our school’s community has access to delicious and nutritious food, we’ve partnered with Second Harvest Food Bank to bring about 800 pounds of fruits and veggies into our school to send home as produce bags with our students each week. We also use this food to supplement our cooking classes, so that students know how to cook some of the more interesting things like spaghetti squash or kohlrabi. If you're interested in taking home a produce bag, be sure to sign up for one every Monday!

Our Partners