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Grammar and Writing

Here is a very helpful website to answer some of your grammar and writing questions. Have fun and explore! If you find something you find extra helpful share it with your classmates! They may be wondering the same thing: Grammar :)

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English Language Arts

CCMS and Language Arts

Traditionally, there are five branches within Language Arts. These five branches can be labeled as: reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing (or visual literacy).

Here, at Cesar Chavez Middle School, we are very lucky to have teachers who are dedicated to the betterment of their students' reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing of Language Arts. Accomplishing this goal of betterment through focused, fun, and comprehensive lessons our students are asked to read for a certain and consistent amount of time each day--and then take quizzes online to test their understanding--learn many diverse vocabulary words, write essays, practice correct grammar, and take part in more activities. In doing so, we hope to inspire our students with the knowledge that a large vocabulary and a proficiency in essay writing can take you anywhere in life.


Summertime is Coming!

Today is the 21st of May. What this means is that summertime is right around the corner! Really, Warriors, the beginning of your summer is only 13 school days away. How awesome is that?

With so few days between you and relaxation, don't you think it is REALLY time to kick it into high gear and push all the way to that A+?

Finish all of your homework. Study for all of your tests. Talk to your teachers about what more you can do to better your grades. It's up to you, Warriors!

Write down a list of things that you want to finish with your last 13 days of school year academics, and then go accomplish them!