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Welcome to CCMS Counseling Website

Mission Statement: 

Our counseling program is to support ALL students to achieve academic, social, personal, and career development, by using our schools 9 character traits: grit, optimism, curiosity, self-control, zest, growth mindset, purpose, gratitude, and social intelligence. We believe that ALL students have potential to learn and grow.  We believe that ALL students belong and have a voice.   Our school counseling program will aim to help students build skills that promotes compassion with self and others.  The school counseling program will partner with parents, teachers, administration, and the community to help achieve the necessary goals for students feel they belong, have a voice, be heard, and contribute resourcefully to the world.


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What is the role of a school counselor and why do students come see the school counselor?

Counselors support students in their academic, career, social and emotional development. Students see counselors for a multitude of reasons. Here are just a few examples:

  • A student received his first D grade and is struggling in Math, and wants to know what to do.
  • A student just experienced a death in the family and is extremely emotional and can't seem to focus in class.
  • A student has a conflict with her best friend and needs assistance in resolving the conflict.

Students may request an appointment by emailing the counselor or visiting the counseling center during break, lunch, or after school. 


Angelica Flores (School Counselor)


Veronica Fernandez (Student Services)

Lilia Diaz (Migrant Counselor)


Left to Right: Ms. Fernandez, Ms. Lily, Mrs. Flores
Left to Right: Ms. Fernandez, Ms. Diaz, Mrs. Flores